• H-800 Urine Analyzer H-800 Urine Analyzer

    > Throughput: 240 samples/hour
    > Automatic strip feeder with a capacity of 200 strips.
    > Up to 14 test parameters which are optional
    > True “walk-away” operation facilitated by the auto-loader system with a capacity of 50 samples.
    > High precisions pipette sampling system and exact volume dripping technology designed to effectively eliminate cross contamination and improve result accuracy.
    > User friendly large LCD touch screen
    > Integrated barcode reader
    > Emergency samples priority through STAT position
    > Automatic used strip collection and disposal system
    > Highly accurate results facilitated by an integrated system of original reagents and strips.
    > Connectable to LIS, HIS, and FUS through RS-232.
    > Intelligent refractometer technology automatically rectifies results influenced by SG, turbidity, and color.     

  • H-100 Urine Analyzer H-100 Urine Analyzer

    > Friendly software is convenient for users' operation
    > Built-in thermal printer can print results automatically
    > Users can set abnormal valve flag by themselves
    > 4 wavelength cold light source ensure the result accuracy
    > Throughput: 60 samples/hour or 120 samples/hour
    > Up to 14 test parameters which are optional
    > Large capacity of data memory, convenient for review


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